Atomic Mass of all Elements (Chart + Rounded values)

Atomic mass of all elements (along with the rounded off values) is mentioned in the chart below.

Atomic NumberElementAtomic Mass (u)Atomic mass (u)(Rounded off)
1Atomic mass of Hydrogen (H)Hydrogen (H) atomic mass1.0081
2Atomic mass of Helium (He)Helium (He) atomic mass4.0024
3Atomic mass of Lithium (Li)Lithium (Li) atomic mass6.947
4Atomic mass of Beryllium (Be)Beryllium (Be) atomic mass9.0129
5Atomic mass of Boron (B)Boron (B) atomic mass10.8111
6Atomic mass of Carbon (C)Carbon (C) atomic mass12.01112
7Atomic mass of Nitrogen (N)Nitrogen (N) atomic mass14.00714
8Atomic mass of Oxygen (O)Oxygen (O) atomic mass15.99916
9Atomic mass of Fluorine (F)Fluorine (F) atomic mass18.99819
10Atomic mass of Neon (Ne)Neon (Ne) atomic mass20.18020
11Atomic mass of Sodium (Na)Sodium (Na) atomic mass22.99023
12Atomic mass of Magnesium (Mg)Magnesium (Mg) atomic mass24.30524
13Atomic mass of Aluminum (Al)Aluminium (Al) atomic mass26.98227
14Atomic mass of Silicon (Si)Silicon (Si) atomic mass28.08528
15Atomic mass of Phosphorus (P)Phosphorous (P) atomic mass30.97431
16Atomic mass of Sulfur (S)Sulfur (S) atomic mass32.0632
17Atomic mass of Chlorine (Cl)Chlorine (Cl) atomic mass35.4535
18Atomic mass of Argon (Ar)Argon (Ar) atomic mass39.9540
19Atomic mass of Potassium (K)Potassium (K) atomic mass39.09839
20Atomic mass of Calcium (Ca)Calcium (Ca) atomic mass40.07840
21Atomic mass of Scandium (Sc)Scandium (Sc) atomic mass44.95645
22Atomic mass of Titanium (Ti)Titanium (Ti) atomic mass47.86748
23Atomic mass of Vanadium (V)Vanadium (V) atomic mass50.94251
24Atomic mass of Chromium (Cr)Chromium (Cr) atomic mass51.99652
25Atomic mass of Manganese (Mn)Manganese (Mn) atomic mass54.93855
26Atomic mass of Iron (Fe)Iron (Fe) atomic mass55.84556
27Atomic mass of Cobalt (Co)Cobalt (Co) atomic mass58.93359
28Atomic mass of Nickel (Ni)Nickel (Ni) atomic mass58.69359
29Atomic mass of Copper (Cu)Copper (Cu) atomic mass63.54664
30Atomic mass of Zinc (Zn)Zinc (Zn) atomic mass65.3865
31Atomic mass of Gallium (Ga)69.72370
32Atomic mass of Germanium (Ge)72.63073
33Atomic mass of Arsenic (As)74.92275
34Atomic mass of Selenium (Se)78.97179
35Atomic mass of Bromine (Br)79.90480
36Atomic mass of Krypton (Kr)83.79884
37Atomic mass of Rubidium (Rb)85.46885
38Atomic mass of Strontium (Sr)87.6288
39Atomic mass of Yttrium (Y)88.90689
40Atomic mass of Zirconium (Zr)91.22491
41Atomic mass of Niobium (Nb)92.90693
42Atomic mass of Molybdenum (Mo)95.9596
43Atomic mass of Technetium (Tc)(98)(98)
44Atomic mass of Ruthenium (Ru)101.07101
45Atomic mass of Rhodium (Rh)102.91103
46Atomic mass of Palladium (Pd)106.42106
47Atomic mass of Silver (Ag)107.87108
48Atomic mass of Cadmium (Cd)112.41112
49Atomic mass of Indium (In)114.82115
50Atomic mass of Tin (Sn)118.71119
51Atomic mass of Antimony (Sb)121.76122
52Atomic mass of Tellurium (Te)127.60128
53Atomic mass of Iodine (I)126.90127
54Atomic mass of Xenon (Xe)131.29131
55Atomic mass of Cesium (Cs)132.91133
56Atomic mass of Barium (Ba)137.33137
57Atomic mass of Lanthanum (La)138.91139
58Atomic mass of Cerium (Ce)140.12140
59Atomic mass of Praseodymium (Pr)140.91141
60Atomic mass of Neodymium (Nd)144.24144
61Atomic mass of Promethium (Pm)145.00145
62Atomic mass of Samarium (Sm)150.36150
63Atomic mass of Europium (Eu)151.96152
64Atomic mass of Gadolinium (Gd)157.25157
65Atomic mass of Terbium (Tb)158.93159
66Atomic mass of Dysprosium (Dy)162.50163
67Atomic mass of Holmium (Ho)164.93165
68Atomic mass of Erbium (Er)167.26167
69Atomic mass of Thulium (Tm)168.93169
70Atomic mass of Ytterbium (Yb)173.05173
71Atomic mass of Lutetium (Lu)174.97175
72Atomic mass of Hafnium (Hf)178.49178
73Atomic mass of Tantalum (Ta)180.95181
74Atomic mass of Tungsten (W)183.84184
75Atomic mass of Rhenium (Re)7575
76Atomic mass of Osmium (Os)190.23190
77Atomic mass of Iridium (Ir)192.22192
78Atomic mass of Platinum (Pt)195.08195
79Atomic mass of Gold (Au)107.87108
80Atomic mass of Mercury (Hg)200.59201
81Atomic mass of Thallium (Tl)204.38204
82Atomic mass of Lead (Pb)207.2207
83Atomic mass of Bismuth (Bi)208.98209
84Atomic mass of Polonium (Po)(209)(209)
85Atomic mass of Astatine (At)(210)(210)
86Atomic mass of Radon (Rn)(222)(222)
87Atomic mass of Francium (Fr)(223)(223)
88Atomic mass of Radium (Ra)(226)(226)
89Atomic mass of Actinium (Ac)(227)(227)
90Atomic mass of Thorium (Th)232.04232
91Atomic mass of Protactinium (Pa)231.04231
92Atomic mass of Uranium (U)238.03238
93Atomic mass of Neptunium (Np)(237)(237)
94Atomic mass of Plutonium (Pu)(244)(244)
95Atomic mass of Americium (Am)(243)(243)
96Atomic mass of Curium (Cm)(247)(247)
97Atomic mass of Berkelium (Bk)(247)(247)
98Atomic mass of Californium (Cf)(251)(251)
99Atomic mass of Einsteinium (Es)(252)(252)
100Atomic mass of Fermium (Fm)(257)(257)
101Atomic mass of Mendelevium (Md)(258)(258)
102Atomic mass of Nobelium (No)(259)(259)
103Atomic mass of Lawrencium (Lr)(266)(266)
104Atomic mass of Rutherfordium (Rf)(267)(267)
105Atomic mass of Dubnium (Db)(268)(268)
106Atomic mass of Seaborgium (Sg)(269)(269)
107Atomic mass of Bohrium (Bh)(270)(270)
108Atomic mass of Hassium (Hs)(277)(277)
109Atomic mass of Meitnerium (Mt)(278)(278)
110Atomic mass of Darmstadtium (Ds)(281)(281)
111Atomic mass of Roentgenium (Rg)(282)(282)
112Atomic mass of Copernicium (Cn)(285)(285)
113Atomic mass of Nihonium (Nh)(286)(286)
114Atomic mass of Flerovium (Fl)(289)(289)
115Atomic mass of Moscovium (Mc)(290)(290)
116Atomic mass of Livermorium (Lv)(293)(293)
117Atomic mass of Tennessine (Ts)(294)(294)
118Atomic mass of Oganesson (Og)(294)(294)


  • The Atomic masses are represented in the Atomic mass unit (u).
  • The elements whose atomic masses are written in bracket ( ) are the synthetic elements and their atomic masses values represent the Atomic Mass of the most stable isotope.

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